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We offer a variety of septic- and excavation-related services, including septic repair and installation, lot clearing, and more! Call now for a FREE estimate!

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Septic Repair

Any and all repairs for conventional and alternative systems!

Inlet and outlet repairs, leach lines, root invasion, tank replacement, and more!

Septic Installation

We offer installation of both conventional and alternative septic systems, conventional septic system plans ($500-$650), and custom excavations for your septic installation in the Prescott, AZ and Yavapai county areas.

General Services

Call us to schedule perc tests, camera inspections, tank and tank lid dig-up, tank locating, discovery work, and even concrete cutting for access lids, cut slab, sidewalks, etc.

Miscellaneous Services

On top of septic services, we also offer services for underground utilities (electric, water, sewer, phone, gas, etc.), excavating, lot pads, lot clear, cut roads, sewer & drain cleaning.


Serving Yavapai County Area Since 1989

35 Years Experience

D&S Septic Solutions is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years' experience in the field.

We have served Prescott, Arizona and its surrounding areas since 1989 as the preferred septic installation and repair service provider.

D&S Septic Solutions is licensed and bonded, so you can rest easy knowing that certified professionals are taking care of your septic needs.


D&S Septic Solutions FAQ

How long should my septic tank last?

With proper cleaning and care, your septic system should last a minimum of 20 years.

What causes septic tanks to fail?

Lack of maintenance or poor design are the typical causes of septic system failures.

Are there regulations for septic systems?

Yes! The Yavapai county government has thorough regulations in place for local septic systems, and our staff are fully aware of the relevant laws governing the industry.

Can I put anything on top of my septic tank?

We ask that you be aware of the location of your septic tank and leech line and that you NOT landscape, plant, or build any structures over your septic tank or leech line to ensure access for maintenance and repair. Please avoid driving over them as well to avoid damage.